things we've lost, things we've found

Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris, 17th September – 23rd October 2009

Leuven Institute, Leuven, Belgium, November 5th – December 18th 2009

These prints were made in response to the collections at the National Museum of Ireland, and were shown as part of a group show The Winter Island at the Centre Cultural Irlandais, Paris.

The museum contains fragments of our past: an old axe head that has long-forgotten how to chop, a cracked relic of a cup, incapable now of holding anything but its ancient memories. These objects can tell us of a place that once surrounded us, can create stories and histories of lands and languages and peoples.There is a landscape underneath us, which carries secrets and mysteries of our island nation. We can down tools, put our ears to the ground, and pay heed to their ancient whisperings.