Other Worlds at SO Fine Art Gallery, Dublin opens on June 29th 2017.

It features my work alongside artists Yoko Akino, Clare Henderson and Aoife Scott.

I have really enjoyed making work for the show, which is a combination of etchings and collaged etching/monoprints. The theme inside worlds was one we agreed on when we started working on the show several months ago. Much of my work is about travel, or ideas of travel and escape, so the theme for me suggested projected or imagined worlds; places we have been, or would like to have been or may never visit. The collage pieces became a world within themselves: free from the constraints of making an etching, the source material provided by the etching process provided me with motifs and imagery with which to create a realm which pays homage to all the proofs that are cast aside when making an etching. 


AuthorNiamh Flanagan